Innovative Healthcare Services

Innovative Healthcare Services
Information Technologies



Innovative Healthcare Services

voluntis VOLUNTIS (2014)
Voluntis develops software which
enables better management of
chronic diseases by embedding
connectivity in therapeutics
zesty ZESTY LTD (2015)
Booking Healthcare
Appointments Online

FittinBox FITTINGBOX (2014)
FittingBox provides interactive solutions
and digital content to the eyewear industry
WanderCraft WANDERCRAFT (2015)
Medical Exoskeleton

Biomodex BIOMODEX (2016)
develops 3D printed surgical simulators for medical education and patient-specific preoperative planning
Kayentis KAYENTIS (2016)
global provider of electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA) solutions for patient data collection in clinical trials

H4D H4D (2016)
facilitates access to health care for all, and provides a solid and professional solution to the ever increasing challenges to access medical services, whether for geographic, economic or social reasons. H4D gives patients remote access to a physician in a completely professional medical setting. This service is provided through H4D's "Consult Station", the first high-tech "connected doctor's office".
collection and real-time processing of health consumption data

BioSerenity develops best in class ambulatory non-invasive diagnosis and monitoring solutions based on connected wearables.
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