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Voluntis and AstraZeneca win prestigious Prix Galien MedStartUp Award for ‘Best Patient Engagement Technologies’ for eCO

Paris, France, October 29, 2018, 7:00 am CET – Voluntis (Euronext Paris, Ticker: VTX - ISIN: FR0004183960), a company specialized in digital therapeutics, and AstraZeneca (NYSE: AZN) announced that they have been awarded the 2018 Prix Galien – MedS¬tartUp Award for Best Patient Engagement Technology for eCO. The award recognizes outstanding partnerships between French and North American entities to improve health care. It was presented at a ceremony in New York City on October 25, 2018.

Pierre Leurent, CEO of Voluntis: “We are honored to receive this prestigious award, which recognizes eCO as a significant achievement in improving patients’ lives. It is also an acknowledgement of the strength of our partnership with AstraZeneca and the National Cancer Institute. We have been delighted to work with them in developing eCO as we bring our respective expertise and passion for patients. As they say at Prix Galien, ‘Actors win Oscars, innovators win the Prix Galien.’”

eCO is a companion digital therapeutic developed by Voluntis, in partnership with AstraZeneca and the National Cancer Institute, for women undergoing treatment for recurrent platinum-sensitive high-grade ovarian cancer in clinical trials of Cediranib plus Olaparib. It aims to help these women manage symptoms sometimes associated with their treatment in collaboration with their care teams via a patient app and clinician web portal. In a feasibility study, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology (JCO®) Clinical Cancer Informatics, patients had statistically significant, positive responses to the use of the eCO application. Patients indicated that using eCO made them feel more involved in their care and better connected to their healthcare team.

About Voluntis

Voluntis creates digital therapeutics that empower people suffering from chronic conditions to self-manage their treatment every day, thus improving real-world outcomes. Combining mobile and web apps, Voluntis’ solutions deliver personalized recommendations to the patient and the care team that so that they can, for example, adjust treatment dosage, manage side effects or monitor symptoms. These real-time recommendations are based on digitized clinical algorithms. Leveraging its Theraxium technology platform, Voluntis has designed and operates multiple digital therapeutics. These include Insulia and Diabeo in diabetes as well as eCO and ZEMY in oncology. Voluntis has long-standing partnerships with leading life science companies such as Roche, AstraZeneca, Sanofi and Onduo. Based out of Boston and Paris, France, Voluntis is a founding member of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance.

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Diabeo® is a registered trademark of Sanofi. Insulia® is a registered trademark of Voluntis.




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Voluntis and AstraZeneca win prestigious Prix Galien MedStartUp Award for ‘Best Patient Engagement Technologies’ for eCO
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