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Press Release Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Plastivaloire and Roctool are actively collaborating in the manufacturing of thermoplastic composite parts for automotive and aeronautical markets.

“Our aim is to turn to technologies that allow us to significantly reduce the cycle times in the production of composite parts while mastering the quality and the production costs, for structural parts as well as decorative parts” comments Dominique Manceau, Director of Innovation, Plastivaloire Group.

Plastivaloire has been using Roctool technology for the past 5 years in successful production, within the automotive industry for several major manufacturers making plastic injected, decorative interior car parts, such as various “high gloss” bezels which can be found in Peugeot 208.

Today, Plastivaloire has more than a dozen Roctool systems in production and recently acquired the latest Roctool system which heats many zones in the mold. Over the years, PVL has obtained expertise and experience in the usage of this technology and has produced parts for consumer goods, electronics, aeronautical and automotive markets.

About Plastivaloir Plastivaloire is an industrial group and a partner of automotive manufacturers and industry players in consumer products (electrical, multimedia etc.) for the design, production of parts and technical injected plastic sub-assemblies. The Group employs 5738 people in 2016 in 28 factories, 13 in France, 12 in the European Union (not including France) and 3 outside the European Union (Tunisia, Turkey and Mexico). The Group operates within technical components sectors that require an injection process (press from 50T to 2700T), assembly or decoration, predominantly chrome, interior and exterior paint. For more information, visit

About Roctool: Created in 2000, Roctool is a Technology & Manufacturing solutions provider offering engineering services and systems for injection and compression molding. Its R&D team is constantly adapting its induction technologies to more materials, in order to draw benefits such as reduced cycle times, surface quality, lightweighting, product performance, and overall cost reductions. Roctool’s latest technology: IDH™ - Induction Dual Heating, is a leading Heat &Cool process combining composites with overmolded plastic features, which targets major brands in innovative industries, e.g. automotive, aerospace, consumer products, and electronics. Roctool technologies are already in production, in particular HD Plastics™ capabilities for plastic molding and Light Induction Tooli ng - LIT™ for composite parts. Roctool is listed on Alternext. Its headquarters and R&D center is situated at Le Bourget du Lac (France). Roctool also has offices and platforms in North America, Japan, Taiwan, and Germany. For more information, visit



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